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Communication Tips for Hearing Loss

Tips to Communicate with a Person who has a Hearing Loss

If someone you know or love has hearing loss, you can help them understand what you are saying. Encourage them to have annual screenings and show you care by following these tips: Palm Coast Hearing Center Communication Tips

  • Face them directly.
  • Make sure there is light on your face, not shining behind you.
  • Avoid noisy environments.
  • Get attention first, then speak.
  • Ask what you can do to make communication easier.
  • Don't shout at them.
  • Speak clearly and at moderate pace.
  • Remember not to cover your mouth, chew food, gum, or smoke while speaking.
  • Use facial expressions like big smiles and gestures such as nodding yes.
  • Be patient if their response is slow.
  • Do not talk about a hard of hearing person to another person in the same room.
  • Keep your sense of humor, relax, and stay positive.

Tips for the Person with Hearing Loss to Communicate with Others

Let others know that you are interested in them and what they are saying by following these tips for better communication:

  • Let others know how best to communicate with you.
  • Pick your best spot with the right light to see and minimal noise.
  • Pay attention and concentrate on the conversation.
  • Look for visual clues or ask for important things to be written down.
  • Don’t interrupt so the conversation can flow.
  • React to the conversation so the speaker knows you understand or don't understand.
  • Do not pretend to understand if you don't.
  • If you feel too tired to concentrate, postpone discussion until later.
  • Keep your sense of humor, relax, and stay positive.

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