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At Palm Coast Hearing Center, we take a personal approach to caring for our patients. We believe that the most important aspect to providing quality service is establishing a relationship with our patients, educating them and then presenting the best solutions to their hearing and communication needs. Our Clinical Director, Dr. Indira Alvarez, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, which ensures that we follow evidence-based, exceptional quality care guidelines for all our patients.

We offer complimentary hearing screenings which include an otoscopic exam and screening of various frequencies, to determine if a hearing deficit is present. If so, a recommendation for a comprehensive audiological evaluation and examination will be made; audiological evaluations are covered by Medicare and most private insurers.  We invite people of all ages to get a baseline hearing measurement.  If you wear hearing aids currently, and need help because they don’t sound the way they should, we can test you and the devices to also adjust your hearing aids to ensure they fit properly.

Covid Safe Hearing Center

We are happy to announce that the office is open and we are ready and looking forward to helping you with ALL of your hearing health needs.

We’re stocked with safety supplies, and have the personal protective equipment (PPE) including masks for all patients, visitors and staff members at our office. We’re also taking extraordinary new steps to ensure thorough, frequent and ongoing sanitation measures are happening around the clock. With safety measures and the excellent and caring service, you can feel confident that you are safe.

OTC Hearing Aids Information

Are over the counter hearing aids for you?
How much should they cost?
What kinds of hearing loss can they help?
Do I need a hearing exam before getting an OTC hearing aid?

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It is estimated that 36 million Americans have some level of hearing loss. At Palm Coast Hearing Center, our dedication is to YOU and your hearing healthcare needs. It is our promise and our pleasure to provide outstanding service, regardless of where you purchased your hearing aids.

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Modern technology is transforming our lives in so many ways, and improving it at the same time. This is also true for hearing aids, as the science behind them is constantly improving. New research and development has enabled a technological transformation in the availability and functionality of hearing aids.

The hearing aids of today allow users to hear from all directions in all sorts of sound environments. Many hearing aids are practically invisible and can be waterproof. Some can even connect to your cell phone wirelessly so you can hear the phone call through your hearing aids.

hearing aid repairs

We service a variety of hearing aids from many different manufacturers, including Siemens, Unitron, Audina, Interton, Phonak, ReSound, Rexton, Starkey, and Widex. We provide adjustents, service, and in-office repairs regardless of whether you purchased your hearing aids with us. We are currently accepting new patients.