Tinnitus Treatment

Palm Coast Hearing Center is one of the few clinics that offer evidenced-based tinnitus treatment programs, including evaluation and management services. Dr. Alvarez has been certified by the Tinnitus Practitioners Association since 2016 and is a professional member of the America Tinnitus Association. She has successfully treated hundreds of patients with mild to severe tinnitus and helped them achieve a better quality of life.

Our comprehensive approach includes sound therapy, behavioral therapy, and stress management strategies. This combination of treatment modalities is the only evidenced-based solution available in the Central Florida area.

Visits are offered either in person at one of our clinics in Palm Coast, Ormond Beach or New Smyrna Beach, or virtually via your computer or smartphone form the comfort of your home.

A tinnitus evaluation includes comprehensive audiometry, speech in noise testing, tympanometry, acoustic reflexes, otoacoustic emissions and comprehensive tinnitus testing including pitch matching, loudness  matching, minimal masking level determination and residual inhibition (suppression) testing.

After your evaluation, your doctor will review a comprehensive treatment plan customized to your needs. Many patients find relief after just a few sessions, however if more comprehensive intervention is necessary, that is also available.

Most insurance companies, including Medicare, do not cover tinnitus treatment, however affordable treatment options and financing are available